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Old woman smilingHigh blood glucose is usually associated with diabetes. A recent study showed that it can also make you look older than your real age. According to a recent Daily News article a new study that found people between the ages of 50 and 70 with high blood glucose looked older than those with lower levels.The results held true for diabetics and non-diabetics, even taking smoking, sun exposure or weight into account. Participants in the study were said to look a year older than they really were“Non-diabetics with the lowest amount of glucose looked a year younger than those with the highest and 1.5 years younger than the diabetics,” said David Gunn, senior scientist at Unilever, which took part in the study. No one knows exactly why glucose plays a role in the facial appearance of aging but it is suspected to have something to do with collagen and the way it is processed. The study was published in a medical journal and the hope is that it will provide more motivation for patients to practice a healthy lifestyle and avoid contracting diabetes. From a cosmetic surgery perspective it is a bit difficult to believe that a 1.5 year difference in the look of aging on a person’s face could actually be a motivator. Most patients who seek the help of Dr. O’Toole for facial rejuvenation complained that they look much older than they feel. Many of them are concerned not just for appearance purposes but also for their self-confidence and self-esteem. Most complain about drooping eyelids, a low brow, and usually loose and lax skin in the neck area. Typically Dr. O’Toole will recommend a combination of a blepharoplasty( eyelid lift) and brow lift with what is known as a traditional facelift. It can be quite confusing these days as shorter procedures such as a mini facelift or modified facelift have been advertised as the answer for everyone to look younger. Consumers must realize that the proper procedure must meet the expectations and desires of the patient. In other words if the patient is 65 years old with sun damage and a moderate amount of loose and lax skin on the face it is unrealistic to believe that a mini facelift will provide results that are dramatic enough to make a noticeable difference. However, a patient who is 40 years old and just has very mild sagging in the jawline will benefit tremendously from a mini or modified facelift. It is important for patients to realize when they consult with Dr. O’Toole as a board-certified plastic surgeon he has a full range of options available for the patient. He is not limited to only mini in office procedures so he is able to recommend the best and most appropriate procedures for his patients.


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