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Almost any mother would agree that motherhood in itself is stressful. If you add in working full or part-time it can become even more so. Dr. O’Toole helps busy moms understand that high stress can take a toll on a womans health as well as appearance. It is not unusual for moms to neglect their appearance because they are focused on other task and duties. Mothers often tell Dr O’Toole that they work out regularly and feel frustrated with their results.Their clothes do not fit as well as they would like because of the remaining “mommy pouch” on their abdomen. Dr O’Toole recommends liposuction as an effective way to remove stubborn fat deposits. He offers both traditional and Smart Lipo. If the patient has a significant component of loose skin an abdominoplasty will be needed. High stress is part of motherhood. According to The Los Angleles Times the pressures of modern motherhood run the gamut. There are the souped-up societal expectations, the costs and logistics of day care and the division of household labor that usually still leaves mom with the lion’s share of cooking and cleaning.

Experts also point to biology (moms are quicker to respond to a crying infant than dads) and to the rise of perfectionist parenting, in which parents invest vast amounts of time and energy in their children’s education and extracurriculars — and are really hard on themselves if something should turn out less than ideal.


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