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Woman touching her chinAccording to The Los Angeles Times, rising costs lead to a nearly threefold increase in the number of workers covered by the policies since 2006. Health experts worry about consumers who forgo preventive care. Looking to save money in a weak economy, Americans increasingly are turning to health insurance plans with low premiums and high deductibles — prompting doctors and health experts to worry that consumers may be skipping routine care that could head off serious ailments.

Nationally, the number of workers with individual deductibles of at least $1,000 has nearly tripled over the last four years, reaching about 20 million, according to a recent survey of employers.

Some have pushed their deductibles as high as $10,000, and, to keep medical bills low, are forgoing colonoscopies, blood tests and other preventive procedures.

This month, when most workers enroll for another year of health benefits, the number of people who opt for high-deductible plans — or are forced into them by their employers — is expected to rise yet again.

Dr. O’Toole explains to  his patients, that in his experience, patients who have made a financial investment in their  well-being are ikely to have a healthy self-image. People who have never had plastic surgery sometimes think that it is expensive and that people who choose to have it are selfish. The desire to look your best at every age may include facelifts, a breast lift, or even liposuction. Most patients who have plastic surgery believe that the investment is well worth it.


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