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Salt shakerReducing the amount of salt in your diet is much more difficult than one would think. It is well known that salt in excessive amounts can cause health problems. Food ingredient labels have been created in part to help people avoid sodium in their diets. According to a recent Los Angeles Times article salt may have been getting a bad rap. A review just published in the American Journal of Hypertension suggests that blood pressure gains are minimal, at least for the general population — and the body seems to fight back against the changes when people reduce the salt intake in their diet .It’s almost as if the body is saying salt / blood pressure levels falling – I’ll do what I can to ramp them up again. Blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels also rose. This is not to imply that reducing and limiting salt intake is not a good idea. The benefits are just not as dramatic as had been previously thought. Dr. O’Toole explains to patients who are considering surgery that high blood pressure can be a concern especially for facial rejuvenation patients. Patients who are having facelift, eyelid lift, or brow lift, could have excessive bruising and swelling if their blood pressure is not low and under control. For patients who regulate their blood pressure with medication Dr. O’Toole will monitor their blood pressure prior to and after surgery. It is important for patients who have a concern with high blood pressure that they do not overexert themselves or do any rigorous exercise following surgery before Dr. O’Toole releases them to do so. It is also important that patients take their pain medications as prescribed if they are feeling pain. Patients who refuse to take pain medication can sometimes elevate their blood pressure and cause concerns during recovery. As a board certified plastic surgeon Dr. O’Toole is qualified to offer patients the best results without compromising safety.


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