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3 women in dressesThe holidays are an expected time for family gatherings and unfortunately weight gain. According to recent local article it is not true that the average person gains 5 pounds over the holidays. The reality is it’s closer to only 1 pound. The difference is most people don’t lose it they just keep adding to it. The article had some useful tips to help people avoid gaining the 1 pound which would help avoid gaining the additional pounds. One tip was to control your behavior at holiday gatherings. This includes choosing a smaller plate, not standing around the holiday food table, and limiting your consumption of alcohol. It is also good idea to mind your manners and be sure to socialize with many people at a party. By doing this, you will not be talking with your mouth full, and therefore tend to eat less.The overwhelming theme from the experts is to add plenty of exercise to the holiday routine. This could include a social activity such as ice-skating or hiking or something as simple as walking throughout the mall and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The bottom line is, exercise is the best way to level the playing field if we are going to eat more calories than we should. Dr. O’Toole reminds his patients that maintaining a stable weight is a lifetime commitment. This is not only about health but also about appearance. Patient should consider the same commitment when striving to maintain their best appearance for a lifetime. Patients will often ask Dr. O’Toole which procedure they can have that will last for the rest of their life. This is not realistic because just like weight management you must be committed to your best appearance and the necessary process. Many patients start with injectables including Botox and dermal fillers like Restylane. As they age they become candidates for surgical procedures including facelift, brow lift, and eyelid lift. Lasers and injectables help to maintain the surgical results. Dr. O’Toole stresses the importance of balance and not overdoing cosmetic surgery procedures as the best way to maintain a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


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