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Woman smoking hookaThere is a concern among Californians that Hookah use has become more popular and widely used among young adults. Although proponents say that the product is harmless medical officials say that it carries the same dangers as smoking tobacco. Dr. O’Toole reminds young patients who are typically considering breast augmentation or liposuction, that if they smoke they should disclose that information. This includes tobacco and nontobacco products. The surgical risk for complications in smokers is well documented. It includes but is not limited to delayed wound healing and less than desirable scarring. Patients are advised not to smoke or use any smoke related products when considering plastic surgery. Hopefully,hookah use will be a passing fad in California. According to The Los Angeles Times hookah use is establishing roots in the strongly anti-tobacco state of California, says a new study, with usage rates increasing more than 40% over a few years. Hookah involves smoking from a water pipe and hose. Specially made tobacco, often flavored, is heated and smoke passes through water and a rubber hose into a mouthpiece. Studies so far suggest that hookah smoking carries many of the same health risks as smoking cigarettes.


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