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Spoon full of chocolate We love good health news that includes chocolate as a plus in our diet. A recent Swedish study found a link between preventing stokes and adding chocolate to a woman’s diet. The findings, released today, appear in the Oct. 18 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Suggesting that women who have a couple of small chocolate bars every week were 20 percent less prone to debilitating strokes than those who eat none.Susanna Larsson, from Sweden’s National Institute of Environmental Medicine in Stockholm,said ”Even consuming a relatively small amount of chocolate had quite a large impact on stroke risk,”  Dr O’Tooleadvises patients that for some women who are approaching middle age ,hormonal shifts can change how their body distributes weight. It is easy for a healthy amount of chocolate to become an enemy instead of a benefit. Often women complain that as they age fat appears to be “stuck on” in places where it was not before.  Most commonly the areas are the outer thighs, abdomen, lower back and love handles. Typically Dr. O’Toole will recommend one of the two methods of liposuction that he offers. He offers traditional liposuction or the  tumescent method as well as Smart Lipo.  Both methods are effective provided they are  performed on suitable candidates.


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