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A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure for those seeking a fuller, shapelier buttock contour.

A doctor injects fat into the left buttocks of a woman.

While the surgery can provide stunning results, it’s essential to understand the recovery process, particularly regarding practical considerations like when to sit comfortably again.

The BBL Procedure

Aside from a consultation and the administration of anesthesia, there are four main steps to the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure:

  1. Incisions: Small incisions are made for both liposuction and fat injection.
  2. Liposuction: Excess fat is harvested from areas like the abdomen, flanks, or thighs using liposuction. This fat is later processed and purified for injection into the buttocks.
  3. Fat Injection: The purified fat is carefully injected into various layers of the buttocks to create the desired shape and volume.
  4. Sutures: The incisions are sutured closed.

BBL Recovery and the Sitting Dilemma

One of the most critical aspects of BBL recovery is avoiding prolonged pressure on the newly transferred fat cells. When you sit or lie down on your backside, body weight presses against the buttocks, potentially harming the delicate fat grafts and compromising the final results.

Immediate BBL Post-Op Period and Recovery

For the first two weeks after surgery, sitting directly on the hind end for any amount of time is strongly discouraged. Instead, patients are advised to follow these tips:

  • Use a boppy or donut pillow: These specially designed pillows have a hole or indentation in the center, allowing you to sit without putting as much pressure on your buttocks.
  • Lie on your stomach or side: When you need to rest or sleep, lying on your stomach or side is the safest option.
  • Lean forward while sitting: If you must sit for short periods, leaning forward with your weight on your thighs and your bottom slightly elevated can help minimize pressure.

After the initial two weeks, you can gradually transition into sitting more on your rear, but it’s still essential to use caution. During this period:

  • Use a cushioned seat: Place a soft cushion or padding on every chair or surface you intend to sit on. This extra cushioning helps distribute the weight more evenly.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting: Do not sit upright for extended periods, especially during long car rides or flights. Make accommodations to reduce sitting time, such as upgrading to a fully reclining position, taking frequent breaks, and standing or lying down whenever possible.

Long-Term BBL Recovery

Complete recovery from a BBL can take several months, and you must continue being mindful of preserving the results. Even after the initial recovery period, you should:

  • Continue using cushions: Continue using cushions or padding when sitting, especially on hard surfaces.
  • Sleep on your stomach or side: Continue sleeping on your stomach or side, as it’s the most comfortable and safest position for your buttocks.
  • Consult with your surgeon: Regularly follow up with your surgeon to monitor your progress and ensure your recovery is proceeding as expected.

While the recovery process for a Brazilian Butt Lift may seem restrictive, it’s crucial to follow these guidelines diligently to protect your investment and achieve the best possible outcome.

The exact timeline for when you can sit comfortably again after a BBL may vary from person to person, but by taking the necessary precautions and following your surgeon’s instructions, you can enjoy the appearance of your shapelier buttocks for years.

Always consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon for personalized guidance throughout your BBL journey.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeons in Pasadena, CA

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