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One of the most common questions asked of Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Dr. Martin O’Toole when it comes to laser tattoo removal is, “How may sessions will this take?” And honestly, there is no one answer for every patient.

Just as every tattoo is different to some degree, so too is every tattoo removal procedure. Factors that can influence the number of sessions full removal will require include:

  • Your natural skin tone
  • The density of the ink
  • The number of colors and amount of detail
  • Where the tattoo is located

Interestingly, a large study conducted by the American Medical Association’s Archives of Dermatology has found that smoking can also impact the number of sessions required for tattoo removal. Nonsmokers in this study averaged 10 sessions for complete removal. Some smokers needed twice as many for similar results. This can be discussed in greater detail during your consultation with Dr. O’Toole.

The bottom line is, if you are unhappy with a tattoo, our board-certified plastic surgeon can remove it. During your free consultation Dr. O’Toole will examine the tattoo and surrounding skin to help you determine how many sessions you can realistically expect for complete removal.

To schedule your free laser tattoo removal consultation with Dr. O’Toole, please contact Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery today.