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Ultimately, when choosing your plastic surgeon, you should choose the doctor with the right experience and qualifications to make you feel secure. Your choice should not be limited to your local area, as it is very likely that the best surgeon is located elsewhere. 

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This is why out-of-town plastic surgery is so common—people will travel to get access to the best doctors. A 2019 Cosmetic Treatment Travel Report found that 45 percent of people (out of 1.75 million users) sought providers outside of their home state.

If you are considering out-of-town plastic surgery, keep reading for the ultimate guide on what to pack and expect for your trip.

What Should I Know About Out-of-Town Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery procedures, including breast surgery, facial enhancement, and body contouring procedures, require an initial recovery of a few days where your activity level should be very limited. This may be due to bruising and swelling or discomfort, or this can result from drains that were placed during surgery to assist in recovery. 

When you plan for an out-of-town surgery, you will need to take this initial recovery period into account. This means that you will need to book a hotel for several days after your surgery. 

By staying in town, you will have an opportunity to regain your strength, visit your doctor for a postoperative visit, and ensure there are no significant side effects.

What Should I Pack For My Out-of-Town Plastic Surgery?

If possible, you will want to pack pillows and extra blankets. Propping yourself up with pillows is extremely important for some procedures, such as breast augmentation. Of course, if you are flying in, you might not have the luggage space for pillows and blankets. That is okay—you can find some at your destination.

You will want to pack essential hygiene items, such as antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer.

You should also consider packing:

  • Loose clothing, so you are comfortable while you recover. This is especially important for procedures like a tummy tuck.
  • Slippers and a fluffy robe, so you are comfy as you recover.
  • A gentle laxative in case the traveling or the surgery causes constipation.

How Is An Out-of-Town Procedure Different?

You may likely have an additional consultation when you first arrive in town. If this is the case, you will need to show up two to three days before your procedure so your doctor can examine you in person before the surgery date.

Arriving a few days earlier also has some other benefits. If you could not pack extra blankets or pillows, now is the time to find some from your accommodations or go out and buy some. You can also take this time to relax before your procedure and calm yourself down. 

Lastly, you can use this time to fill up prescriptions in advance, so you have them on hand as you heal.

Depending on your procedure, you should be prepared to stay in town for several days to a week post-surgery. This will give you time to heal and come back to see your surgeon for a postoperative appointment.

Finally, consider asking someone to travel with you so you have someone to help you with small tasks as you focus on healing.

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