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According to a new study published in the September issue of the Journal or Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, ideal breast proportions can be found on breasts with an “upper pole to lower pole ratio of 45:55.” In plainer terms, this means that a majority of participants in this study found breasts on which 45 percent of tissue is above the nipple (upper pole) and 55 percent is below (lower pole) to be the pinnacle of beauty.

To reach this consensus, 1,315 respondents were asked to rank the attractiveness of breast images. With controls added for sex, age, and ethnicity, 87 percent of female respondents and 94 percent of male respondents found the 45:55 ratio ideal. Of the 53 plastic surgeons included in the study, 94 percent found the 45:55 ratio favorable, placing their opinion in line with the general public.

A ratio of 45:55 may be ideal for some women, though Los Angeles breast surgeon Dr. Martin O’Toole tailors each procedure to meet the exact needs of individual patients. Taking into account your natural curves and anatomical features, Dr. O’Toole can customize your breast surgery to produce proportions that are ideal both for your breasts and your body, helping produce an overall more attractive and complementary appearance.

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