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Vitamin therapyVitamins as a means for great health are nothing new. As a matter of fact the industry is worth billions. A new treatment now available allows patients to have an in fusion of vitamins intravenously. The theory is that patients will receive the proper amount of nutrients at one time and feel better. Obviously, if they are feeling better it is likely that they want to look better also. Dr. O’Toole has many patients involved in various treatments through many different sources designed around natural health maintenance. These patients enjoy the benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic for smoothing lines and wrinkles on the forehead and outer corners of the eyes. Injectable fillers are also popular for patients who are not a candidate or interested in surgical procedures. Patients are extremely satisfied when the outer appearance matches the way they are feeling. According to ABC7, many Americans take vitamins to stay healthy. Now, a new controversial vitamin treatment claims to give tired and stressed out people more of a boost. It’s called intravenous vitamin therapy. It looks like mad science, a lab guru creating a concoction some say could leave you feeling like a new person. Maria Friedrick has tried it and swears by it. “I felt energized after the treatment probably within six hours, and then the next day, I felt fantastic compared to how I had felt for weeks before,” Friedrick said. Dr. Kamau Kokayi says it’s a way to get nutrients into the body quickly, using an IV.


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