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Woman's butt in jeansAccording to KTLA a singer is being sought for questioning in connection with the death of a woman following a cosmetic procedure, police said Friday.

Claudia Aderotimi, 20, died early Tuesday, shortly after receiving buttocks enhancements in a hotel room near Philadelphia International Airport, according to police. The procedure allegedly cost $1,800.

Police say singer Black Madam — whom they have identified as Padge Victoria Windslowe, 41 — is believed to be the person who injected Aderotimi with a substance that was supposed to be silicone.

Officers searched Windslowe’s apartment for medical supplies, according to a search warrant. She was not home at the time, and authorities are looking for her.

Aderotimi and three other women had traveled from England to undergo the cosmetic procedure in Philadelphia, police said.

A woman who allegedly helped arrange the trip told police that “Black Madam” carried out the procedure, according to an affidavit.Shortly after the injection, Aderotimi became short of breath and complained of chest pains. She was rushed to a hospital, where she later died, police said.

The preliminary cause of death has been linked to the injection, according to the affidavit.

Over the years as plastic surgery has become more widely accepted ,patients are willing to allow unqualified as well as unlicensed providers perform injections and surgical procedures. Dr. O’Toole cautions patients about what appear to be the most widely known procedures administered by unlicensed medical providers. These procedures include butt enhancement and liposuction. These procedures should only be performed by medically licensed and preferably board-certified plastic surgeons.


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