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It turns out that your mother’s advice to drink plenty of water to stay healthy may actually have merit.  According to the Los Angeles Times a recent French study found that patients who drink less than a couple of glasses per day of water could be significantly increasing their chances of having high blood sugar, which could turn into diabetes.   According to the study the findings show a correlation between water intake and blood sugar, but do not prove cause-and-effect, said senior researcher Lise Bankir, of the French national research institute INSERM. The researchers are careful not to imply that drinking water alone will prevent a person from getting diabetes. They acknowledge that a healthy lifestyle including proper diet, have a significant impact on a person’s risk for type II diabetes. Patients who are scheduled for surgery should understand the importance of water intake as it relates to their recovery.  After surgery patients can become dehydrated rather quickly.  Often they are taking pain medications postoperatively and in some cases these can cause the patient to become nauseous and ultimately dehydrated.  Dr. O’Tooletakes special care including prescribing antinausea medication to help prevent the upset stomach that can be associated with pain medication.  Patients who are having abdominoplastythigh lift, facelift, or other procedures that may include  extended time in bed are advised to have water on hand to ensure that their intake of fluids is adequate for a speedy recovery.


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