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Following tummy tuck surgery, you will need to take some time to rest and recover. Your recovery period offers the ideal time to begin taking daily walks to not only help reduce swelling and postoperative discomfort, but provide a possible springboard for a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Board-certified Hollywood tummy tuck surgeon Dr. Martin O’Toole will work with you after your procedure to help ensure you understand when to begin mild exercise and when to step your activities up to enhance your tummy tuck results.

Remain Active

The best way to maintain your tummy tuck results is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This should include a well-balanced diet complimented with at least two to three hours of moderate exercise every week. However, you needn’t limit yourself to three hours of weekly exercise.

The more active you become and the healthier you eat, the more pronounced your tummy tuck results will be. Living this way will not only prolong your tummy tuck results, it may increase your life expectancy and enhance your overall happiness.

Of course, your results will depend on the work you are willing to put in. Dr. O’Toole will discuss this with you during your Hollywood tummy tuck consultation to help you better understand what this procedure may help you accomplish.

To schedule your tummy tuck consultation with our board-certified Hollywood plastic surgeon, please contact Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery today.