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Worried Woman Most likely, not many women would find having a mammogram a reason to party. More realistically women shudder at the thought of what can only be described in the kindest terms as uncomfortable. The purpose of mammograms is to detect breast cancer risk early. Women are not routinely taking advantage of the screenings. Dr. O’Toole educates his breast surgery patients including those who have had breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift, informing them that the standard recommendations for proper breast health apply. This includes monthly breast self exams as well as annual mammograms after 40. Patients should follow the recommendations of their primary care provider will take into consideration their medical history. Feeling comfortable with mammograms is the intent for mammogram parties.According to ABC 7 every 12 minutes a woman in America dies of breast cancer. With early detection though, doctors believe that number could be significantly reduced. Unfortunately, many women still put them off. That’s why some hope hosting a “mammogram party” might help.

Relaxing with a massage, being pampered with a manicure: No, it’s not a day spa. It’s a mammogram party. The parties are sweeping the nation, helping take the stress out of getting mammograms.

“This way, being around other people it takes the nervousness away,” said Judith Wiersema, who attended a mammogram party.

“We would like to see more women coming out and actually participating in screening mammography,” said Dr. Mickey Jester, a radiologist. “It saves lives.”


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