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What’s “Manscaping?” It’s the removal of hair on a man's chest, underarms, shoulders, back and/or genital area. Some men remove all their hair including “down there” while other men remove just the most furry of hairy spots such as the chest, shoulders and/or back. I promise you that David Beckham presents a realistic look of a man who chooses to exercise "border control" with his Boyzillian wax. The complete or near-complete removal of hair in intimate areas isn't just for the girls anymore.

Here are some tips if your man is considering a cleaner look:

  • Rule #1: Remove the hair first that looks the worst!

It used to be that a man with lots of chest hair was considered extremely sexy. Over the past few years, however, the look of a clean-shaven man–all over–has become the favored look. Although some women love to run their fingers through a bit of chest hair, most women don't want a wall-to-wall carpet experience on her man. Careful shaving can work, but laser hair removal will result in more even hair removal that will last much longer, and avoid the stubbles that shaving produces (not to mention the cuts and nicks).

  • Shoulder and Back Hair is only for gorillas

Even in the 70’s, shoulder and back hair was—there’s simply no better word than this—gross. It's unattractive without a shirt, still nasty in a shooter shirt, and even in a full shirt, you can see hair through the fabric on the harriest of men. The ape look is out even if hair in other places on your man is still in.  Again, laser hair removal is the easiest and longest-lasting solution.

  • Hairy necks are out, too

Although a little hair at the front of the neck is a pleasant site,  a full neck of hair that wraps around behind the neck and into the hairline makes your man look unkempt.

  • Armpits?

Unless your man is a competitive swimmer or bodybuilder, even the most metro of metro-sexual men usually leave their armpits hairy. Having said that, if your man has a forest that contributes to bacteria and underarm odor, a bit of lasering can do the trick, leaving enough hair to avoid the androgenous look, while getting rid of enough hair to make deodorant application effective.

  • Going Brazilian?

Although lots of athletes go full-Brazilian to control chafing from their protective undergarments, most men opt for some hair in the nether regions. And those who trim usually do so with scissors. Surprisingly, there are men who have a bit too much hair on their buttocks as well as their backs, and must use laser hair removal for a cleaner look that extends into the upper thigh area. A benefit of laser hair removal is that the technician can, essentially, "thin out" the hair without complete removal, as at any given time, only about 20% of the available hair is on the skin's surface. There's more hair waiting to "sprout" once that first 20% is lasered off. Therefore, having 2-3 laser treatments in an area and then stopping before all the hair is removed, can give a man just enough hair to contribute to a masculine look without the ape-like carpet he might otherwise have. 

Manscaping is becoming  more and more mainstream as men desire to look their best in the buff and on the beach. Fortunately, laser hair removal allows your man to start slowly by trimming off a bit at a time to see how he (and you) like it.