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 Math majors give dating advice…say cleavage helpsThere is no shortage of dating advice, but interestingly enough one website uses math statistics to determine the best advice for online daters. To the surprise of some, cleavage gets more responses regardless of the age of the woman. Obviously, having a nice cleavage line is not possible for every woman. Dr. O’Toole helps women to achieve a more proportionate and curvy appearance. Patients request breast augmentation, (some including breast lift) to enhance their figure which in many cases allows them to triple their wardrobe choices. Patients should never choose breast augmentation for the sole purpose of getting a date or a husband. The choice should be the patients for their own reasons. It is understandable for women who want to increase their chances in online dating to look closely at what works for others. According to the Los Angeles Times a blog written by the founders of OkCupid (, a free, online dating site that counts 7 million visitors each month,every six weeks or so, the bloggers — all former math majors from Harvard — examine the gold mine of dating data collected from their members’ online interactions (properly scrubbed and anonymized, of course). The data shows an 18-year-old woman with a so-called cleavage shot for her profile gets about 14 new contacts per month on average — 24% higher than the typical non-cleavage-baring 18-year-old. At age 32, she gets about 13 new contacts — but now that’s a whopping 79% higher than high-collared women of the same age.


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