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the two have been fellow travelersAccording to The LA Times the melancholy mind and the broken heart: For poets and philosophers through the ages, the two have been fellow travelers, chicken and egg, bookends in a long litany of tragedies.

Leave it to medical researchers, then, to put the dark bond between heart and mind under a microscope — and find even deeper mysteries.

Nearly 25 years of research has drawn a clear connecting line between depression and heart disease, making the link Exhibit A in the modern compendium of mind-body connections.

But that research has yet to explain the connection. And it has yet to convince many cardiologists that depression care could be a tool in preventing and treating heart disease.

“That you can die of a broken heart isn’t a new idea. But unfortunately, the idea is much more complex than any of us expected,” says Dr. Alexander Glassman, a psychiatrist with the New York Psychiatric Institute.

Complex, yes. But the bond between heart disease and depression is also undeniable

Looking at the science behind healthy relationships helps to explain why patients in solid relationships tend to do better when recovering from plastic surgery. Dr. O’Toole and his staff prepare patients and their caregivers for the post surgerical experience. For patients recovering from surgeries requiring longer healing times and more caregiver interaction, such as abdominoplasty and facelift , it is critical that patients have a suitable support system. Where the mind is the body follows an old adage  that holds true even for plastic surgery.


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