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Woman sitting on a beach chairA local woman was recently highlighted in a CBS Los Angeles news story because of her passion and commitment to a product that she created in response to her mother’s death from skin cancer. The need to wear sunscreen on a daily basis is the consensus of the majority of the medical community as well as those in the beauty industry. Dr. O’Toole explains to his patients that the sun definitely has a negative impact on the health of the skin. Premature aging including wrinkles, and loose and lax skin ,is most noticeable on the face and chest areas . Many women complain about this problem. Dr. O’Toole may recommend a facelift which would also include tightening the neck area. He may also suggest a blepharoplasty which will help the eyes to appear more alert and more energized. Skin that is sun damaged should be treated prior to facial rejuvenation procedures. Dr. O’Toole offers medical grade skin care treatments and products intended to prep the skin prior to surgery. Sunscreen should be a applied daily especially following plastic surgery procedures. Any suspicious birthmarks, or moles that change in appearance or texture should be removed by Dr.O’Toole as a precautionary measure. Dr. O’Toole is committed to healthy skin and a beautiful appearance.


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