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Mature man with white hairMen can be very sensitive when it concerns their sexual health.  A new study found that erectile dysfunction could be less of an issue for men with a healthy and active lifestyle.  For men, just as it is for women; how they feel can be directly related to their appearance.  As men age some share with Dr. O’Tooletheir dissatisfaction with the aging process and how it affects their appearance.  For a large majority of men their brow shows wrinkles that cause them to look older.  Many also have drooping eyelids and bags beneath the eyes.  Usually Dr. O’Toole will recommend a brow lift combined with a blepharoplasty.  These procedures will smooth the forehead wrinkles and tighten the bags beneath the eyes as well as removes the excess skin from the eyelids.  These procedures alone can make a considerable difference in the appearance of a man’s face.  Dr. O’Toole is careful to maintain a natural result as well as make the necessary provisions if the patient has a receding hairline.Looking better,more energetic, and more youthful helps improve a man’s quality of life. An active lifestyle may also help men to maintain good sexual health. According to The Los Angeles Times  a healthier lifestyle may go a long way in reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction, a study finds, while another paper discovers that men who have the condition may also have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease. A meta-analysis published online Monday in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine looked at how lifestyle changes and medication to treat cardiovascular risks affected erectile dysfunction.


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