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Woman with a migrainePeople who suffer from migraine headaches not only find them painful, but in some cases debilitating. For some it is impossible to continue everyday activities until the migraine has subsided. According to a recent online article from USA Today migraines are  a quality-of-life issue. According to the article there are triggers for migraines that include everything from too much caffeine on a regular basis to relaxing after a stressful day. It appears as though once a person relaxes after being tense throughout the day, that is when the headache appears to start.The article warns that although caffeine is a trigger, quitting caffeine cold turkey can also create headaches. There are remedies on the market for migraine headaches both prescription and nonprescription.The article suggests that exercise plays a huge part in preventing migraine headaches and is a better choice. Of course, it is referring to exercise on a regular basis as opposed to one cram session of heavy exercise.Dr. O’Toole shares with his patients who are concerned about migraine headaches that there have been studies that have shown improvement for migraine sufferers by utilizing a combination of a brow lift and Botox injections. The brow lift is believed to benefit many patients because it actually tightens muscles that are loose on the forehead. This is believed to reduce the tension and swelling that are part of a severe migraine headache. The Botox injections which have been approved for the treatment of migraines appear to help by paralyzing the muscles in the forehead  temporarily. The combination of the two procedures has shown to be extremely effective for many patients. Of course, there is no way to know that it will work with 100% certainty. The good news is that patients will have a cosmetic benefit;which would be a more youthful appearance and softening of lines and wrinkles on the forehead. It is doubtful that insurance would cover these procedures as migraine treatments; however, for the chance to have relief that is long-term and effective most patients are more than willing to make the investment.


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