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lady on the beachHaving children is a rewarding and beautiful experience, but it can leave mothers feeling self-conscious about their post-pregnancy appearance. Mothers often feel guilty for even thinking about getting cosmetic surgery, but they must remember that self-care and improved confidence can be the fuel that propels them to be the best, happiest parent they can be. These are some of the top questions for moms with breast implants:

Should I be done having children before getting breast augmentation?

It is recommended to finish having children before getting breast implants because pregnancy and breastfeeding often cause breast size to fluctuate. The drastic size fluctuations may affect the results of breast augmentation; however, many women who undergo breast augmentation and become pregnant still enjoy beautiful breasts afterward.

Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation?

There is no evidence to suggest that breast augmentation will impair a woman’s ability to breastfeed; however, if you have concerns regarding breastfeeding with implants, it is best to discuss them with your doctor before undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

How will my implants affect my daily life?

Having breast implants tends to affect women positively. Typically, women who have undergone breast augmentation report having an increased self-confidence and find that clothes fit better with their new breasts. Women who opt for breast implants that are too large are more at risk for post-op complications such as “bottoming out” and may endure back and shoulder pain. An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to recommend the breast implant size that is best suited for your body frame to avoid such consequences.

Will I need assistance to care for my children during my recovery?

You can expect to be out of commission for two to six weeks, so having help in the early stages of recovery is crucial if you have small children to care for. If your children are more self-sufficient and do not require being carried, you may only need help from a friend or family member for a week or so.

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