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Weight ScaleJanuary is the diet month of the year. Cloaked in New Year’s resolutions, marketing companies live for this month. Most Americans have tried several different diets over a number of years. According to the Los Angeles Times most of us eat more fruits and vegetables, many choose an established weight loss program, and one in four of us gets some help from a smartphone app.  50% chose Weight Watchers or Weight Watchers online at some point since 2008. More than a fourth–27%–went with a low-carb diet (not including Atkins). Most people (74%) ate more fruits and vegetables,  as most doctors recommend. Many also controlled their portions at meals (71%) and 69% cut back on sugar in their foods and beverages. A less popular technique was eating several small meals throughout the day (34% of peopled tried that), and almost half (45%) took a walk or exercised instead of sneaking a snack. The overall results of the survey proved that for most, the health benefits were equally as important as looking better. Dr. O’Toole encourages his patients to embrace the fact that looking good is nothing to be ashamed of. Vanity does not have to mean empty motives. The most popular procedure performed is liposuction. The reason Dr. O’Toole made the decision to offer two options for liposuction was so that patients could benefit from better contour and have two different options for achieving these results. Dr. O’Toole offers Smart Lipo, as a generally a less costly alternative to traditional liposuction. Unlike some other medical professionals who offer Smart Lipo Dr. O’Toole is an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon who has the extensive training and expertise to perform the procedure. Dr. O’Toole is also able to expertly perform traditional liposuction as well, so patients are given the truly best recommendation versus the recommendation limited to the doctors ability. Dr. O’Toole helps patients understand that liposuction is a procedure for body contouring based on small fat deposits and should not be confused with a weight loss program. Patients who benefit best are those who are close to their ideal body weight and are looking for better contour and shape. For these patients, Dr. O’Toole delivers superb results. The new year is an excellent time to consider liposuction as an effective way to have the shape many have only dreamed of.


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