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Woman sitting on a white blockCould it be that people with a jittery high strung nervous system are more likely to succeed in weight loss programs? A small study out of Australia says that this may in fact be so. According to the article the sympathetic nervous system, which spreads throughout the body, regulates many functions, including control of resting metabolic rate and the use of calories from food consumption. The researchers found that successful weight losers had significantly higher resting sympathetic nerve activity than those who had trouble shedding pounds. They also found that successful weight losers showed large increases in nerve activity after they ate a carbohydrate test meal. This did not occur in those who were weight-loss resistant.  This information although destined to be controversial, could shed some light on how to best help people lose weight. The hope is that medical professionals can suggest programs that are more likely to work based on the nervous system of the patient. Dr. O’Toole empathizes with his patients who struggle with losing weight and maintaining a stable weight. Dr. O’Toole encourages his patients while they’re in the process of losing weight to be proactive about their appearance and the options they will have once they lose the weight. It is a good idea to determine which plastic surgery procedures will be likely following weight loss. While there are plastic surgery procedures that are more common for some patients than others, each plastic surgery recommendation is based on the individual and their specific desires. Many patients after losing weight will be concerned with the loose and lax skin on their abdomen. This would typically require an abdominoplasty to remove the excess skin and tighten the abdominal muscle. This would help the patient to achieve a more contoured and flat abdomen. Other patients may be extremely concerned with deflated looking breast as a result of weight loss. Often patients will tell Dr. O’Toole that they want implants to” fill up” the breast skin envelope where they have lost volume with their weight loss. Dr. O’Toole explains that placing a breast implant into the skin envelope will not eliminate the concern of sagging unattractive breast. In most cases patients will need a breast lift combined with breast augmentation for the best contour and shaping. Patients tell Dr. O’Toole after these procedures they are extremely pleased and have an increased self-confidence as they have increased their wardrobe choices dramatically. Dr. O’Toole reminds patients that in order to enjoy the best long-term results they must be diligent about maintaining a stable weight.


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