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Woman holding her head and stomach Most women can relate to the uncomfortable look and feel of a bloated stomach along with constipation. Not only is it uncomfortable it is embarrassing for many to talk about. Wardrobe choices can be severely limited when the stomach protrudes. But, what if it is not bloating or constipation? Could it be unwanted fat in the lower abdomen? Dr. O’Toole tells patients that it is not uncommon especially for women to have unwanted fat appear on the abdomen that is stubborn and will not go away with regular exercise and diet. Liposuction both traditional and Smart Lipo are excellent solutions for this targeted area of fat. Dr. O’Toole may recommend patients address the love handles areas and lower back for more aesthetically pleasing results. If it is a bloating and constipation issue a new drug is showing promise. According to KTLA for suffers of chronic constipation — a drug called linaclotide may help make relieving yourself … well, more of a relief.

A study released online Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine found in two double-blind trials that linaclotide could ease constipation in people who had fewer than three complete spontaneous bowel movements per week (without the aid of a laxative, enema or suppository). Many of these participants also suffered straining, lumpy or hard stools — or a sense of