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Lack of sleep is fairly common these days. Many people take prescription medication to help them fall asleep on a nightly basis (even though this is not recommended). A recent study found that the obsession with technology and gadgets could be the reason for many Americans getting less than the recommended amount of sleep. Dr. O’Toole consults with patients who have begun to see not only the results of aging, but also the result of stress and lack of sleep on their face. The most common complaint is loose and lax skin on the eyelids and bags of puffiness beneath the eyes. This not only causes the patient to look older, but for women  it can also create creases in the eyelids that can make eyeshadow look very unattractive. Dr. O’Toole typically recommends an upper and lower blepharoplasty. Patients can usually have these procedures performed together in about two and half hours. Recovery is usually only about two weeks, after that patients are  usually socially acceptable and able to resume normal activities. Most patients experience only mild to moderate pain. When the eyes appear wider and more alert patients look younger. In order to maintain long-term results, patients should keep a healthy diet and lifestyle including getting the recommended amount of nightly sleep. According to ABC7 your wireless devices could lead to sleepless nights, and that can be very dangerous. Losing sleep can make you more prone to serious health conditions.  One study shows that not sleeping for more than 20 hours and then getting behind the wheel can make you as impaired as someone who’s legally drunk.


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