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Fruit in a scale The new push to display nutrition labels for everything from grocery items to restaurant choices as people firmly planted on both sides of the debate. History shows us that most are apathetic. Dr. O’Toole shares with his middle-aged female patients that diet is very important; however, it is not everything. Some women will have fat appear on specific areas like the lower abdomen, upper back, and outer thighs. Dr. O’Toole can use either traditional liposuction or SmartLipo to achieve a smooth and natural looking contour. Liposuction is a take away procedure so it is an artistic sculpting procedure in which Dr. O’Toole’s patient benefit from his skill and expertise. Nutrition labels will continue to help patients maintain a healthy diet and their best results. According to ABC7 many large companies are slapping a new labeling system on the front of food packages, but are these nutrition keys helpful?

Taking time to check the back of the box, it would seem we’ve become a nation of label readers. Various groups and companies tried to help by offering their own stamp, symbol or checkmark to help us shop smart, but often leave us more confused than ever on the health of a product.

In response, the Grocery Manufacture Association and the Food Marketing Institute teamed up to create nutrition keys on the front of the box.


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