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A disturbing report recently stated that OB/GYN guidelines were largely based on opinion and therefore inconsistent.  For women, this is a disturbing report because it casts a shadow of doubt on everything they are being told from their doctor.  Dr. O’Toole requires his patients to share past medical history information prior to making any surgical recommendations when the patient.  For many women who are basically healthy the only physician they see  on a regular basis is their OB/GYN. Some women may share with their OB/GYN a desire to have a breast reduction or breast augmentation.  While many OB/GYN do refer patients either specifically to Dr. O’Toole, or other board-certified  plastic surgeons, there are also many who opposed the idea and will speak against its merits to the patient.  Dr. O’Toole reminds his patient that cosmetic surgery is a personal decision and patients should review their options with a board-certified plastic surgeon and that should be the source for their decision. According to KTLA  Solid evidence is often missing from the practice guidelines used by obstetrician-gynecologists across the U.S., a new study shows.

Less than a third of the recommendations from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) are based on gold-standard scientific experiments, researchers found.

The rest are based on anecdotal evidence or expert opinion, which is subject to personal biases, they reported.