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Doctor in scrubsIt is very hard to believe in this day and age that anyone would consider having plastic surgery with full knowledge that the plastic surgeon is not licensed. But, it still happens here in the United States where you would expect it to happen the least. According to recent online industry article black-market plastic surgery is no longer something that plastic surgeons see every once in a while. It has become more of an issue as the economy became more difficult. The article speaks of the risk of using a nonlicensed cosmetic surgeon, the most pressing and dire being death. The article speaks of two different scenarios in which the patient died. One was a patient in Las Vegas who chose to have a butt augmentation procedure with” two doctors” from another country. According to reports the surgery was booked in a back room clinic. The other story in the article told of a woman who had liposuction surgery with an unlicensed medical doctor in a hotel room and later died. The article stressed the importance of checking the credentials of the doctor and also the importance of checking for disciplinary action that may be reported or pending. The bottom line in the article added that patients have a responsibility to be diligent concerning their own medical care. The article assumes that these women were duped into believing that these were upstanding medical doctors. This is hard to believe when the surgeries were performed in backroom clinics and a hotel room. It is obvious that the price point was attractive in comparison to traditional pricing in a board-certified plastic surgeon’s office. and for many that is enticing. Black-market plastic surgery is no different than when people choose to buy counterfeit designer purses, or stolen goods. It basically comes down to how much risk a person is willing to take in order to save a few bucks. Dr. O’Toole explains to patients the importance of not only researching qualified cosmetic plastic surgeons but also understanding their philosophy and their policies within their office. Patients who are considering procedures like breast augmentation, or liposuction can sometimes take the procedures rather lightly since they are very popular. This attitude can also cause some patients to be less diligent about their quest to find just the right plastic surgeon. Dr. O’Toole along with his longtime patient coordinator Sarah are committed to helping patients through the process of selecting the right plastic surgeon for their procedure. Dr. O’Toole is available for questions at any time and prides himself in maintaining communication with his patients both before and after surgery. Patients who have had a consultation with Dr. O’Toole are likely to schedule with Dr. O’Toole and black-market plastic surgery is not likely to be an issue in their lives.


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