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Woman getting face injectionAllergan has had its share of lawsuits over the years specifically related to BOTOX® Cosmetic and complications patients allege they suffered as a result of the injections. Closing arguments were presented this week for one of the most recent BOTOX® lawsuits. According to the Orange County Register a 46-year-old Missouri man blames Allergan for a crippling disease he says he got four days after getting “off-label” BOTOX® injections for back pain. The man is seeking over $60 million in damages. Like most other pharmaceutical manufacturer, Allergan has had its share of lawsuits and paid out large sums of money as a result. This lawsuit centers mostly around the claim that the man developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome, an autoimmune disease as a result of his BOTOX® injections. Both sides argue as to whether this is supported by evidence. The popularity of BOTOX® Cosmetic has not been affected at all by the news of the lawsuits. BOTOX® Cosmetic continues to enjoy robust sales and remains one of the most competitive services patients can receive. Dr. O’Toole points out to his patients that when considering BOTOX® Cosmetic injections buyer beware. Patient should seek an experienced injector and once they settle upon who they will use, they should continue with the same injector if at all possible. Patients are discouraged from jumping from injector to injector because they are less likely to receive consistent results when they do so. Dr. O’Toole also stresses that by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform BOTOX® Cosmetic injections patients benefit from a highly trained individual who understands the anatomy and muscle structure of the face. Dr. O’Toole is also qualified to help patients understand if a brow lift is a better option in order to achieve the results that they desire. BOTOX® Cosmetic cosmetic continues to be a safe procedure; however patients should do their due diligence in ensuring that they are getting the best value when deciding to have BOTOX® Cosmetic injections.