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Woman sneezingJanuary and February are among the months with the highest risk for contracting the pesky flu. As most people know when it goes untreated it can be not just miserable but deadly. According to a recent Orange County Register article the flu season is made worse by people who do not take it seriously and therefore do not take precautions and spread it to others. According to the article there is proper etiquette when people have the symptoms of the flu. Some of these include staying home from work and or social environments where it may become easy to spread germs. The article also warns of travel and sitting next to people who have symptoms that include coughing and sneezing. Dr. O’Toole reminds his patients were scheduled for surgery that they must be healthy on the day of surgery. Any signs of respiratory illness from flu or a cold could cause the anesthesiologist to cancel the surgery. Patients who are having procedures that involve the muscle such as breast augmentation orabdominoplasty could have a very uncomfortable recovery experience if they are coughing. It is important  patients not only avoid public places where they can contract the flu prior to their surgery but it is also important that patients take the same precautions following surgery during the early stages of healing. Nobody wants to contract the flu but if you were scheduled for surgery it is in your best interest to take extra precautions to make sure you do not become another person sick in bed with plans thwarted.


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