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Heavy set womenAccording to the Orange County Register the new nationally syndicated show The Revolution will feature a resident from Orange County as a guest. According to the article “The Revolution,” ABC’s new daytime talk show features how changes in  exercise, diet and lifestyle choices can makeover  not just  physical appearance but the guest viewpoint on life and living. The Orange County guest Jennifer Cahalan grew up in Orange County a healthy, active kid. She worked as an ocean lifeguard in Laguna Beach and swam competitively in college. And when she married at 27 and had her son Ryan a year later, life looked pretty good. But then she hit a patch of tough luck. Her marriage ended when the boy was still a baby. Juggling single motherhood with grad school she gained 20 pounds or so. A sudden hysterectomy a few years later added another 20 pounds, and when soon after she was diagnosed with a rare thyroid cancer, the second-grade teacher packed on 50 more. The show takes viewers through the entire process of Jennifer’s transformation. The show does not address the loose skin that would be apparent in most people after losing 80 pounds. Dr. O’Toole explains to patients that there is no way to rid the skin of loose and lax skin left after major weight loss effectively, besides removing it surgically. Post massive weight loss procedures include brachioplasty, abdominoplasty, and thigh lift. These procedures are rather invasive and are typically performed in stages. From the perspective of a television show it would take months before viewers could see the actual results. This may be the reasoning behind not addressing the issue of loose skin. Dr. O’Toole encourages patients to be prepared for the loose and lax skin that may follow so that they are not discouraged and can continue with their positive transformation.


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