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Prior to your rhinoplasty procedure you will need to:

  • Quit smoking
  • Arrange for a ride to and from your surgery
  • Discontinue medications and herbs including anti-inflammatory drugs and blood thinners
  • Prepare a clean, quiet space you can rest in during your first few days of recovery

During your rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. O’Toole may discuss certain medications that can aid in your comfort and recovery following your surgery. If any medications are prescribed, you should pick these up before your procedure.

Postoperative Care

Following your rhinoplasty procedure:

  • Rest in the space you created before your procedure for 24-48 hours with your head elevated
  • Apply icepacks to your nose as directed
  • Take all prescribed medications
  • Keep your incisions clean
  • Do not blow your nose, wear glasses, vigorously wash your face, or apply makeup until directed otherwise
  • Avoid strenuous activities

Your comfort and satisfaction are very important to us. Dr. O’Toole will provide you with specific information about pre and postoperative care before your procedure. Make sure you follow his instructions carefully to help reduce your risk of complications and increase your chances of pleasing end results.

For more information about rhinoplasty in the areas of Pasadena, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or Hollywood, California, please contact Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. O’Toole today.