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Patients, who have plastic surgery, sometimes neglect to protect their investment. After surgery, it is imperative for patients to follow a good exercise regimen as well as a balanced diet.  Some patients consider their surgery to be the final decision rather than a process. Plastic surgery procedures can provide a dramatic difference; however, in most every case a diligent follow-up routine is required for the best long-term results. Dr. O’Toole explains to patients that are considering body contouring procedures that in order to achieve a desirable result they must be either at or near their ideal body weight. This means that patients who have an elevated BMI based on their weight may not be good candidates. Dr. O’Toole explains that while it may not be a health risk to perform liposuction on patients who are overweight, it is not a good idea because patients will not see dramatic results after surgery. Most every area can be treated with liposuction if Dr. O’Toole renders the patient  a good candidate. Liposuction can address thickness and the arms, legs, upper and lower back, as well as the upper and lower abdomen. Dr. O’Toole uses his skill and expertise to sculpt and shape the body using a wide assortment of different sized cannulas designed to help him achieve optimal results regardless of the body part. Experiencing a better shape and contour for most patients can be a life-changing experience.  Some patients are surprised to learn that they must maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen in order to enjoy long-term results from their liposuction procedure. Dr. O’Toole explains that both Smartlipo and traditional liposuction are not permanent fixes or weight loss procedures. They both require a healthy lifestyle after the procedure to ensure the best and longest lasting results.


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