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Hand holding a cigaretteIt appears people who kick the habit of smoking may actually improve their memory. There can never be too many good reasons to quit smoking.  It has long been known that smoking not only affects a person’s health,but also their appearance.  Smoking can be blamed in many cases for premature aging on the faces of many women and men.  The skin will show wrinkles and lines early on, and it can be very difficult to minimize the visibility of the damage even with skin care treatments and chemical peels.Dr. O’Tooleexplains to patients who decide to continue to smoke that the long-term effect of their plastic surgery will be greatly reduced.  A patient who had a facelift,blepharoplasty, and brow lift remains a smoker could return to their pre-surgical appearance within five years of the surgery.  Obviously, that would make the plastic surgery investment not as attractive.  Patients also risk delayed wound healing when they are smokers.  The risk is greatly increased for scarring that may not be optimal.  Quitting smoking is always the best choice.  According to ABC7 here’s a new reason to quit smoking. Researchers found that kicking the habit can improve everyday memory.

A study tested how well smokers, former smokers and people who have never smoked remembered to do assigned tasks.

Those who never smoke, or used to and quit, tested significantly better than those who still light up.


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