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Woman with a migraineAccording to ABC 7, the rainy weather can wreak havoc on a host of health conditions.

“Rain is kind of a downer, right? Especially when it’s long periods of time,” said one Sierra Madre resident.

The rain may mess with your mental outlook, but many people said it can also affect them physically.

“The science isn’t really sturdy there. But you talk to anybody over the age of 55, and when the weather changes, they will say ‘I’m stiff.’ So there seems to be at least anecdotal evidence that it does make a difference,” said internal medicine expert Dr. John de Beixedon of Huntington Hospital.

Beixedon said barometric pressure changes can impact people suffering from certain conditions.

A survey of patients who have fibromyalgia, a chronic condition of fatigue, shows 90 percent of them find that cold and humid weather makes them feel worse.

But precipitation is a good thing if you have asthma.

“Humidity tends to help asthmatics. That’s one of the reasons why asthmatics often can swim, because the humidity of up to three feet from the pool actually helps asthma,” said Beixedon.

If you think the rain gives you headaches, you’re right. Weather changes can affect sinus pressure. But it’s high heat that brings troubling migraines.

Rainy weather especially in Southern California where we receive so little of it, it is not unusual for patients to notice obstruction in their nasal passages when there is a stretch of rainy weather. Patients contact Dr. O’Toole and inquire about rhinoplasty. Often the goal is to repair a deviated septum as well as cosmetically enhance the nose. The surgery is not very painful and most patients have completed the initial healing  period within 7 to 14 days.


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