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There are no hard and fast rules regarding rhinoplasty recovery. The way in which your body recovers depends very much on your natural healing ability and other factors unique to your physiology. It also depends on the particular surgical techniques required for optimal shaping of your nose.

Below are some common aspects of rhinoplasty recovery, but it is important to remember that your healing process may be slightly different.  Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Martin O’Toole will best be able to help you determine what you can personally expect during your rhinoplasty recovery.

Mild discomfort is common following rhinoplasty. This may last for one or more weeks, but can easily be dealt with through the use of medications prescribed by Dr. O’Toole.

Swelling and bruising can be expected for one or more weeks. Swelling can be controlled through ice packs and head elevation. Bruising will subside on its own.

Many people are able to resume work after one week, but more strenuous activities will need to be avoided for upwards of four weeks. Dr. O’Toole will work with you during your recovery period to help you determine when it is safe to resume all of your normal activities.

For more information about rhinoplasty recovery, please contact Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule your initial rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Martin O’Toole, serving patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Hollywood, California.