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Woman doing science No it is not out of a science fiction novel. According to an industry online publication scientists in Australia are studying the regeneration of tails on alligators to determine if the same ability can be mimicked for patients who have had a mastectomy. The mastectomy is typically performed on women who are suffering from breast cancer.  It is hopeful that regeneration will replace breast  reconstruction as an option for these women.  Dr. O’Toole reminds patients that much of what is new and exciting in plastic surgery has come as a result of scientific testing.  Some of the new techniques forliposuction including Smart Lipo were not considered possible less than a decade ago.  Now, Dr. O’Toole is able to offer both traditional liposuction as well as Smart Lipo to his patients while choosing the best method for the patient based on their goals, desires, and their individual body type. Smart Lipo is performed in Dr. O’Toole’s in- office private surgical suite without the additional requirement of general anesthesia. While anesthesia is safe when performed in an accredited surgical facility on healthy patients, some patients are not good candidates for anesthesia and Smart Lipo may be a better alternative for these patients.  Patients are required to follow Dr. O’Toole’s, postoperative instructions including wearing a compression garment  following surgery for the best results.


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