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Second hand smokeAccording to ABC 7 There is even more reason now to avoid secondhand smoke. A new study shows secondhand smoke triggers cravings for nicotine and makes it harder for smokers to kick the habit.

Researchers say secondhand smoke has a direct and measurable impact on the brain similar to that of actually smoking.  The findings underscore previous research suggesting exposure to secondhand smoke increases a child’s chances of becoming a smoker later in life. The study was funded by the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse.

For years patients have been warned of the dangers of smoking and surgery. Dr. O’Toole provides patients with information regarding the specific risk which include delayed wound healing and increased bruising. Patients having procedures that lift and tighten the skin including breast lift, thigh lift, and arm lift need to pay particular attention to their wounds if they are smokers. The tension on the incision needed to hold the incision together can be very weak and  the incision could be compromised. Secondhand smoke has now become  just as much of a danger to patients before and after surgery. Patients should inform Dr. O’Toole if they are going to be recovering in an environment that is close to regular smokers.


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