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Sharon Osbourne When celebrities have plastic surgery( and admit it) it seems to capture the attention of the media. Sharon Osbourne was no exception when she announced that her absence from her talk show was due to breast implants removal. According to NBC “I don’t feel like I have a water-bed laying on my chest anymore,” Osbourne said, adding that she’d also gotten work done “downstairs.” Osbourne said that her silicone implants had leaked and that the silicone was “in her stomach”.  Dr O’Toole explains to patients who are concerned with ruptured  silicone breast implants that breast implant removal is the recommended course of treatment. If the implants are older, they are probably no longer covered under a warranty. Patients will typically need a caspulectomy in conjunction with their breast implant exchange. This will help to reduce the amount of old scar tissue.  Patient who have had their breast implants for a long period of time may need  a breast lift if the implants have stretched the skin envelope. Patients can choose to remove the implants  without implanting  new breast implants if they are happy with their natural size and shape. They may select the new cohesive gel implants in exchange for the older liquid silicone gel implants. Either way, patients are taken care of quickly and with great surgical skill when choosing Dr O’Toole for breast implant exchange.


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