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Should I wait to have children before getting breast implants?  This is a common question among women who are considering breast augmentation.  There is not a definitive answer to this question, as it really depends on the patient.

Research shows that breast implants do not pose any risk to the unborn child.  In addition, breast implants should not interfere with the ability to breastfeed.  Therefore, it may be beneficial to undergo a breast augmentation prior to having children, especially if you are not planning on having children right away.  That way you will be able to enjoy your new breasts sooner.

However, women planning on having children in the near future may wish to postpone a breast augmentation until after they are done having children and are also finished breastfeeding. Pregnancy and nursing can change the size, shape, and volume of the breasts.  Postponing breast augmentation until after pregnancy and breastfeeding can be helpful because you may be able to know what your larger breasts will look like while you are pregnant. After having babies, you will be able to choose implants that help you regain the volume you may have experienced while pregnant.

If you have any questions regarding breast augmentation, including whether or not you should wait until after having children to have surgery, please contact Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.  Pasadena cosmetic surgeon Dr. Martin O’Toole can evaluate your individual case and help you make the decision that is best for you.