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As we approach the flu season there will be many people sniffling, coughing, and sneezing. The big decision becomes should they go to work or stay at home and try to feel better. According to a recent online article on the grindstone the writer shared her view. She wrote in part, I realize that none of us like to feel weak. We don’t want to admit that something as minuscule as an illness can get in the way of our amazing professional ability. But maybe, just maybe, it’s worth fessing up to the fact that we aren’t invincible. Our bodies need us to take care of them, just like everyone else. Maybe taking a sick day or two won’t put us too far behind. It might even make us better prepared for whatever curve ball our competitors plan to throw next. This is even more appropriate for patients scheduled to have plastic surgery. Dr. O’Toole explains to his patients that the time between scheduling surgery and actually having surgery is very delicate time. Whether patients are scheduled for a procedure as involved as an abdominoplasty or a shorter procedure like breast augmentation it is imperative that patients are healthy at the time of surgery. This means they cannot have the sniffles or be congested in any way. Obviously, if they are sick and weak due to the flu, having surgery will not be an option. Cosmetic plastic surgery is elective, so therefore, a healthy patient is standard for a great outcome and experience. So, patients who are scheduled for surgery should always get plenty of rest and maintain a healthy immune system prior to surgery and throughout their recovery.


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