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The FDA states that silicone breast implants are safe.

The food and drug administration’s center for devices met for two days this summer to discuss testimony about silicone breast implants and determine their safety. The FDA official Dr. William Maisel confirmed that silicone implants have been deemed safe ever since 2006 and they continue to remain safe today. He did state that although known risks include possible implant leakage or rupture, contracture, possible need to remove the implants in the future, possibility for pain infection in a symmetry, that “women should feel assured that the FDA continues to believe that currently marketed silicone breast implants are safe”.  Another recommendation from the committee was that MRI (magnetic residence imaging) testing is not necessary for follow up. Previously it had been recommended to obtain an MRI every three years. They do however believe that MRI is still the gold standard for evaluating the integrity of breast implants if a rupture is suspected.

This report is significant since approximately 90 percent of patients choosing to have new implants in 2011 choose silicone over saline in my Pasadena plastic surgery practice.

If you have questions regarding silicone breast implants please feel free to contact us or schedule your consultation for a breast augmentation with silicone breast implants.