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In this economy more and more women have found their financial security in opening their own businesses. While this is the fulfillment of the American dream for many women it does not come without cost. According to recent online article a  study author said“Women business owners can do more to improve their financial security when they identify priorities for their work and home lives, implement prudent cash management practices and create plans to both grow and protect their wealth,” said Mary Quist-Newins, Director of the State Farm Center for Women and Financial Services at The American College, which conducted the study.  While balance is key, identifying sleep patterns can also help women. There are four sleep groups that the study claims women are divided into. The groups are:

Sleeping Soundly: The Sleeping Soundly segment makes up 31% of the respondents. Basically these women have a good work/life balance and feel secure in their businesses.

Tossing & Turning: 15% of study participants are extremely stressed by their businesses.

Sleeping With One Eye Open: This segment is made up of 16% of the study’s respondents. They may not be as organized as some but they report a high sense of contentment with their work/life balance and feel that their business meets their expectations.

Dreaming About The Future: One third (33%) of these female entrepreneurs report that their business is in a moderate or stable growth stage. Their motivations are to grow their business while maintaining financial stability and transitioning to financial independence (retirement).

Dr. O’Toole encourages his patients to be conscious of their sleep patterns and make an effort to maintain healthy and consistent sleep schedules. It is well known that years of consistent lack of sleep is likely to show premature aging of the face. Patients often have drooping eyelids and bags beneath the eyes. Dr. O’Toole may recommend a blepharoplasty to correct the loose and lax skin on the eyelid as well as smooth the bags beneath the eyes. In many cases for older patients this is combined with a brow lift. Dr. O’Toole cautions patients that if they do not improve their sleep pattern and maintain a sufficient amount of sleep per night it is likely that their face will continue to show rapid signs of aging.


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