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It is quite difficult to maintain a positive attitude with information overload a 24-hour occurrence. A recent Reader’s Digest article offered some helpful tips on maintaining a healthy and positive attitude. According to the article no matter how hard things become, there are ways to approach your situation that can make it less burdensome.  You should express gratitudeBe mindful about what you do have, whether it’s a fantastic friend or a wonderful partner. Try making a list of things you’re grateful for. Another suggestion was to volunteer. Take your awareness outside of yourself and focus it on the wellbeing of others. Notice the good, and change negative self-talk rounded out the rest of the tips in the article.  These tips are effective and will work well for patients who are considering or have had plastic surgery. Dr. O’Toole explains to patients that one of the most important aspects of  the plastic surgery experience is  for patients to keep a positive attitude.  Every surgical procedure including the supposedly routine procedures, likebreast augmentation or liposuction are a different experience for each patient.  When patients become anxious, depressed, or frustrated it can dramatically change what could be an excellent patient experience.  When patients vow to remain positive throughout  the entire experience they are much more likely to be satisfied and realistic about their results.


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