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Woman slouchingAccording to MSNBC if you’re a nobody who desperately wants to be taken seriously, Northwestern University researchers have this advice: Stop slouching, already.

Even if you’re just a lowly intern, the way you hold yourself can make you feel more powerful than the boss man or boss lady — and that can make a difference in how other people perceive you, says Adam Galinsky, of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, who authored the new study.

Participants were  paired off to complete a puzzle; each of them was randomly assigned to be a manager or a subordinate. Afterward , the volunteers were asked to fill in the blanks for seven words that were missing letters — words that could say things like “lead” but were written “l_ad” — and were asked to write in the first letter that came to mind. Also (yes, there’s more), particpants were given a 10-question survey asking how powerful they felt.

The interesting part was that no matter if the participant was assigned to be a manager or a lowly employee, those who had sat with the sprawling, “expansive” posture answered the questions in such a way to suggest that they felt more powerful. “It was incredibly surprising to me,” Galinsky says of that finding.

Few patients think about posture when considering plastic surgery. Dr. O’Toole helps patients to understand that when looking at their breast augmentation results after surgery they must take into consideration their posture as they stand. Patients may see what appear to be asymmetries in the breast when in reality it may be their rib cage that is uneven. It is important for patients to realize they were not perfect before surgery and will not be perfect afterwards.


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