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WineHow many times have we had a glass of wine with the expectation of relaxing? A new report says… Not so! It is believed that the wine can actually cause you to be more stressed. Unfortunately, stress has a way of showing not only in our body language but literally on our faces. Dr. O’Toole discusses signs of aging with his patients, some of it prematurely possibly due to stress. Patients can have significant improvement with injectables like Botox and reduce the lines on their forehead and wrinkles on the outer corners of the eyes. Injectable fillers can improve the areas in which patients typically lose volume. In some cases surgery including a facelift may be the best recommendation. Patients must manage their stress levels for the best long-term results and overall appearance. According to CBS new research in the medical journal “Alcoholism” shows drinking alcohol to release tension doesn’t allow people to deal with the root of their stress, which can make the stress last even longer.

The study also finds that stress can reduce alcohol’s intoxicating effects, which can cause people to drink even more.


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