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Man in white shirtAccording to ABC, a new study finds that strokes are increasing dramatically among young and middle-aged Americans.

Scientists think it may be due to the rise in obesity. Researchers analyzed Federal records and found the sharpest rise was 51 percent among men aged 15 through 34-years-old.

For women, strokes also rose among that age group, but not as sharply at just 17 percent.

Dr. O’Toole explains to his male patients the importance of maintaining a healthy and stable weight not with just diet and exercise but also by being conscious of one’s appearance. After the age of about 40, it is easy for men to neglect the increased waistline that’s slowly creeps up on them. Society is much more accepting of a man with a thick midsection than they are of women with a larger midsection. It is important that men address thickness around the midsection early, as it will become more difficult if the patient continues to gain weight. Provided the patient is at or near their ideal body weight Dr. O’Toole may recommend traditional liposuction or Smartlipo  as an option for toning the abdomen love handles and lower back. Traditionally, men have very good results with abdominal liposuction and are overwhelmingly pleased with the results.


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