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Facebook LogoA new study shows that consumers who regularly use Facebook as a social networking tool are happier and feel more connected when they do so. According to the article in the Los Angeles Times   three minutes spent on Facebook was more rewarding than a relaxing slide show or a stressful math test. However, being on Facebook also triggered a response that indicated a positive mood shift.
The effect of Facebook points to what the authors refer to as the “broaden and build” theory of positive emotions. This theory suggests that positive emotions lead to creativity and social bonds that in turn build personal resources. These resources can be drawn on later for coping and survival. The very positive feelings consumers get when using Facebook are easily compared to virtual support. Dr. O’Toole has an active Facebook page and understands the value of a social network that is supportive. It is important that patients have a supportive network  that agrees with and supports their cosmetic plastic surgery decision. Patients are not advised to share specifics about their surgery on their Facebook page as the information is not secure. Patients who have had breast augmentation, liposuction, and rhinoplasty with visible, enviable results are likely to be tempted to post the results on Facebook. It is the patient’s choice as to whether to post their personal information. Dr. O’Toole and his longtime patient coordinator Sarah welcome and appreciate the many referrals that they receive through Facebook from their patients.


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